Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Lineup - Arizona Diamondbacks

In my previous post I used my baseball simulator to look at the best lineup for the Philadelphia Phillies vs both a LH/RH pitcher. Up at the plate this time are the Arizona Diamondbacks who have made a few changes in the past couple of weeks - most notably trading Justin Upton to the Braves for Martin Prado. In this exercise I will use my simulator to play actual baseball games, in fact over 2 million games per lineup to find out which lineup is the most productive vs both a RHP and a LHP. Each lineup is compared in wins per 162 games against the default lineup from MLB Depth Charts.

Below are the results...

Default lineup from MLB Depth Charts.

1. Adam Eaton (L)
2. Aaron Hill
3. Miguel Montero (L)
4. Jason Kubel (L)
5. Martin Prado
6. Paul Goldschmidth
7. Cody Ross
8. Cliff Pennington (S)
9. Pitchers Spot

Best lineup vs RHP

1. Adam Eaton (L)
2. Miguel Montero (L)
3. Martin Prado
4. Jason Kubel (L)
5. Cody Ross
6. Aaron Hill
7. Paul Goldschmidt
8. Pitchers Spot
9. Cliff Pennington (S)

Wins/162 Games Over Default Lineup: 1.10 wins

Best lineup vs LHP
1. Adam Eaton (L)
2. Martin Prado
3. Paul Goldschmidt
4. Cody Ross
5. Aaron Hill
6. Jason Kubel (L)
7. Miguel Montero (L)
8. Pitchers Spot
9. Cliff Pennington (S)

Wins/162 Games Over Default Lineup: 1.62 wins

Skinny: Adam Eaton is the logical choice to bat leadoff. Martin Prado stays in the top third of the lineup against both pitchers, while Cody Ross stays in the middle. The lefties Kubel and Montero drop a few places against the lefties, while Cliff Pennington is the overwhelming pick to bat 9th behind the pitcher.

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